Download Tones for your Phone

Selling special ring tones for cellular phones can still be a good business venture because people still want their ring tones to be different from the rest. After all, it is quite annoying (and disappointing) having to reach for your phone because you heard “it” ringing only to find out that it really wasn’t and what you heard was the generic ring tone you and about a hundred more other people share.

If you want to try your hand at selling ring tones through the internet, you have to make sure that you sign up with a host provider that will allow you to upload and store (and allow your clients to buy and download) your music files. Not all host providers offer this functionality so you have to do your research and read up on the services of web providers and experiences of their past and/or present clients through web host reviews.

Through web host reviews, potential clients of a web host company can gauge how reliable that company and its services are. These sites, such as the ipage hosting review, give viewers some basic information on the company (services, company background and a link to the company’s website), as well as valuable customer feedback from others who have used or are still using the company’s services. Through these comments, you can gauge whether that particular provider does live up to its promises. Once you’ve chosen your host, you can begin uploading your ring tones and start running your e-business.